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Soyinka Rahim, GSP, is a Grassroots Spiritual Practitioner, and the founder of BIBOLOVE, which stands for breathe in, breathe out love. She is a performing artist, a Conference Weaver, and an InterPlay Leader from Oakland, California.

An energizing and engaging artist and facilitator, Soyinka guides multiracial, multi-gender, multigenerational groups to honor the self as well as our connection to our earth, our ancestors and each other. She helps participants and audiences tap into their authentic selves using breath, chants, movement, and storytelling. She is especially dedicated to youth seeking spiritual direction.

Soyinka was raised by a visionary, artistic mother in low-income communities, and in an Afrocentric family that explored holistic thinking, power to the people, world religions, and many art forms. She is an all-around creative: dancer, choreographer, found-objects artist, poet, singer, songwriter musician. Her BIBOLOVE chants and songs are available at CD Baby for download or CD purchase.

She brings all her talents to raising the vibration of love across cultural, racial, gender and economic divides. She has been a Conference Weaver and facilitator at the Facing Race conference and the Parliament of World Religions, among many other events.

Soyinka is also a certified leader of InterPlay, an active, creative way to unlock the wisdom of the body.

BIBOLOVE Philosophy & Practice

B.I.B.O. (b‡‡ē-bō) abbr. 1: Breathe in, breathe out, (best used with sound; roar, sigh, hmmm, yumm, or shhhh). 2: To release tension (roar or sigh). 3: To think (hmmm). 4: To appreciate the good stuff (yumm). 5: To quiet your spirit or silence a room (Shhhh). [English]

BIBOLOVE is a philosophy to raise the vibration of love, encouraging us to be our best selves, and to honor the Grassroots Spiritual Practitioner in ourselves and others. 

BIBO is a focused breath with sound: roar, sigh, hmmm, yumm, shhh 
Whatever we are experiencing, taking a focused breath makes it better. 

BIBOLOVE practice is to breathe in, breathe out love - to meditate, chant, pray, and visualize peace, love, joy, happiness, health, grace and ease for all. Love has the power to conjure up our light, activating our seven chakras for the good of all. 



💙 Blue as our breath 
❤️ Red as our self love 
💚 Green as our earth 
💛 Gold as our highest self 
❤️ Red as our blood




Soyinka offers performances and facilitations that will energize, inspire and unite your group.


Conference WEAVing, workshops & keynotes

Soyinka will open and close some or all of your plenary sessions with songs, chants, and collective mini-meditations that build your group’s spirit and energy. Conference weaving provides a common creative experience that your people can carry throughout the entire event.

Soyinka is also available for workshops, keynotes and meeting energizers.

New Movement Sing Along

Every collective effort needs its anthems and its lullabies. For one hour, Soyinka will teach and lead your group in learning new songs and chants that will renew your courage and fortitude for the hard work ahead.

Let Your Light Shine workshop

We all have a light inside of us made up of our special talents, thoughts and experiences. This workshop that incorporates sound, movement, breathing and play will help you tap into your superhero light and develop the confidence to let it shine.


Focused breath, movement, chants and storytelling to raise the vibration of love - individually and in community for emotional, physical and spiritual health. 

SPIRITual direction

Soyinka coaches all who seek self-care as we move through trauma, changing the way we dance with all the isms that separate us from love. Soyinka offers wisdom, movement, and ritual for children and adults, in both one time and ongoing appointments.





At our InterPlay performance at the Parliament of World Religions, I was so profoundly moved and impressed by how Soyinka was able to galvanize and lift up our entire audience with her lyrics “isms, religious can’t keep us apart, so the next time we meet let it be with L – G- E; Love, Grace and Ease.”  The simple refrain had the whole room of multi-ethnic and inter-faith peoples standing up, dancing, singing, smiling and connecting with each other. Truly a moment of communal bliss.

Bobbie Wynn Bolden, InterPlay


In October 2017, Soyinka was the co-keynoter, facilitated an Intergenerational InterPlay workshop entitled "Changing the Race Dance," and led the gathered in an energetic closing of the second annual Racial Awareness and Mindfulness 2017:  A Mini-Festival of the Arts, Awareness, and Healing.  Her work in the Intergenerational InterPlay workshop, uniting children and older adults, creating an environment where children snd youth were comfortable telling their stories, and allowing them to be themselves and let their lights shine, was one of the most memorable and impactful results of the Racial Awareness Festival in 2017.  She is still talked about and admired by those in attendance. 

Teresa Taylor Smith, Baltimore, MD


The Bravery Conference brought together advocates and activists from sexual and domestic violence agencies across Virginia to address how we do this work and take care of ourselves. At times the conversations were difficult and radical as we talked about doing this through anti-racism lenses. Soyinka was our Conference Weaver who brought us to a place of one accord as we began each day, bringing inspiration, energy and excitement with participatory music and movement that attendees reported over and over as highlights of our time together.

Angela Blount, Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance


Soyinka has served as Conference Weaver for Facing Race almost since the beginning, leading us in movement and song at all our plenaries. We are a diverse, often traumatized, fast-moving crowd, and her calming spirit has been invaluable. She helps us breathe and sing together so we can also make change together.

Rinku Sen, Former President of Race Forward & host of Facing Race


Soyinka Rahim has been a gift in my life personally and in her participation and leadership in the InterPlay community. She is a wise and gifted leader, sensitive to a broad range of experiences and needs in her groups. She has a deep and powerful spirituality that she has applied to the ups and downs of her own life and shares willingly with others. When she performs she soars! Her original music is infectious, enlivening and participatory.

Phil Porter, Co-founder of InterPlay


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